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Why are all the magazines trying to make martin sounds like an awful asshole?




I don’t think all the magazines are conveying that. This Entertainment Weekly article has decided to paint the portrait of Martin Freeman as an arrogant well of pent up bitterness. Does that make him an awful asshole? I don’t think so. I think it makes him human, and it puts into context his recent contact with the press about despising the typecast role of the ‘everyman’. I think the article was trying to give a voice to the very real idea that Martin is not an everyman. This article puts somewhat of a wall between Martin and his fans because he seems to believe that privacy and space are courtesies that other actors are afforded, but due to his perceived approachability, he can’t fly under the radar the way he would prefer to. He deserves that space, so this article may be doing him a favor in that respect.

I can see how after reading this, people might feel defensive for Martin because this article casts him in an unfavorable light. I prefer to take it as the author giving Martin a way out of his current “friendly, approachable, everyman” pigeonhole. The question is whether this article successfully accomplished that without putting him in another box.

Absolutely. I think it’s also important to remember that at the time that a lot of the recent interviews were conducted, Martin had been working pretty much non-stop since October. Although he had a short break from Fargo over Christmas, he had to do the press for The Hobbit and Sherlock during that time. So after almost 6 months of non-stop work and being away from the people he loves, he’s not going to be all sunshine and smiles. 

I find it interesting that many of the recent articles about Martin have mentioned his parent’s divorce and the loss of his father at a young age.  An obvious source for his anger, which might be more palpable now that his own children are getting older, so that he now has the perspective and anxiety of a father as well as a child on the impact of a parent dying young. 

Though the writer of the article doesn’t mention it, I’m guessing that Martin gave this interview in his Minnesotan accent, since he was still shooting that day, and he wouldn’t drop the accent until they wrapped.

Martin at the FX Upfront screening of Fargo in NYC, April 9th, 20014 (x)

Martin at the FX Upfront screening of Fargo in NYC, April 9th, 20014 (x)

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a dark soul and his conductor of light

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He looks so tiny and cute here. He would probably punch me in the face for describing him like that but there you go.

Lester is just digging himself deeper and deeper here playing this coy game of pretending to not quite remember Sam Hess.  The Hess boys witnessed their father bullying Lester outside the appliance store and scaring him so badly he wound up breaking his own nose on the shop window.  If Molly hears of this - and she very easily could - then she will have solid proof that Lester has lied to the police by covering up his recent encounter with Sam.  Add to that the fact that he began covering up this encounter even before Sam’s death: he told his wife, his brother Chas and Beau from the office a very different story about how he broke his nose (he slipped outside the fire station where they wash the engines).  While the audience knows he did this to save face, Molly will treat this as strong evidence that Lester decided murder Sam.  After all, she’s already intrigued by the old and violent connection between them so when she learns that this connection was revived the day before Sam’s death, well, what’s a deputy to think?

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It occurs to me that Lester doesn’t just have a buckshot wound to his hand, he’s got buckshot in his hand.  We’ve never seen the exit wound.  That’s why it’s so painful and that’s why it’s getting infected.  Antibacterial ointment is not going to help.  He needs to get that buckshot out.  He’s not thinking straight, because he really does have a concussion, but if he doesn’t deal with it soon it’s going to become a very obvious piece of evidence that he was in the room when Malvo murdered the Chief.